We design products, processes and tests for cooling your engines. Engineer Leaders and constant innovation are our core. Customer satisfaction is our achievement.

Enfrio 5P Services

Enfrio business services combine our capabilities across management consulting, technology and process outsourcing to provide flexible and scalable end-to-end services. Enfrio span all five growth 5P Services:


Project Management - Product Design Engineering - Process Definition - Procurement - Production Transfers


Enfrio Industries

Enfrio is partner of cooling industries delivering solutions for engine cooling with aluminum and copper water radiators, oil coolers, fuel coolers, charge air coolers, for climate units with condensers, for transmissions with stainless steel oil coolers and other specific industries with tailored solutions.


Automotive - Power Generation - Off Highway

Enfrio Regions

Enfrio is headquartered in Italy since 2013 and operates with customers in all continents and oceans. Enfrio partners have manufacturing facilities in Italy, Sweden, Brazil, China, Poland, United States and South Korea.