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Up to 600 kW

Enfrio offers a family of cooling modules able to cool engines up to 600 kW using tube-fin alluminum radiators made in flux brazing process. Tube-fin aluminum radiator can be offered in different tube and fin density combinations to optimize system performance.  This technology provides approximately 40% less weight than a standard copper-brass radiator design.



Our tube-fin radiators are cost effective solution due to inherited technology from high volumes of the automotive industry meeting high quality standards and durability requirements.

Up to 600 kW - Engineering Cooling

Over 600 kW

Enfrio offers a range of copper brass radiators for different applications, engine mounted, belt or electrical driven or remote. A range of radiators including conventional jacker water radfiators and water/charge-air/fuel/oil cooling modules for different customers with proven applications for MTU, Mitsubishi and Perkins engines.



Over 600 kW - Engineering Cooling