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Our services are focus on competitive differentiation while steering toward value in areas ranging from global manufacturing to specific segments in the on road and off-highway trucks like oil coolers for automatic transmission gearbox and customized cooling modules for Power Take Off units.


Distinctive engineering is driving leading automotive players to create products that respond to desires of the customers and all in an unprecendentedly competitive marketplace.





Power generation

Power generation (Genset) companies literally move the ground we walk on, producing the energy that shape the way we live and work. Enfrio supports clients by enhancing the efficiency of key capabilities.


Enfrio is the system partner for cooling generators used in onshore and offshore wind power and solar power plants, industrial installations or mobile and stationary generator sets in any environment.


Construction and Agriculture

Whatever the conditions, construction and agriculture machines are used with demanded top performances.


Enfrio will develop complete systems and individual cooling components and will be partner in any of the 5P Services.